“Rule of 5 hours” – an effective system of self-education

How much time a week do you waste on self-education? Is it possible that you completely forgot about this word immediately after graduating from university? Well, it’s never too late to remember, because it doesn’t take much.

Self-development and self-improvement is a requirement of the modern age. You have to look for and learn something new, only within your specialization to be ahead, not to fall behind.

The rule of 5 hours is a system of continuous self-education, which is that you need to allocate at least 5 hours a week for training, reflection and experimentation,

Reading. Your task is to introduce the habit of reading every day. Make a list of books that will help you develop in your field and spend at least 20 minutes a day reading them.

Reflections. It is important not only to memorize all the information obtained at the previous stage, but also to analyze it. Analyze the notes you took while reading. Answer the question – “How can I use this knowledge in life?”

Experiments. Refer to the ideas that you had in the previous two stages and think about how you can implement them in practice, even in a simplified form. For example, Google employees are required to spend 20% of their working time experimenting and implementing their ideas.