50Avenu on Shulyavka – an investment in the safety of future investors

When choosing the optimal cities and countries for investment, global business first assesses the level of comprehensive efforts of entrepreneurs, politicians, financial institutions, educational centers and public associations to create a favorable ecosystem for business. In fact, there are many threats to business development. Yes, investors identify three main groups of risks: threats to market conditions, regulatory policies and corporate reputations. According to ECONOMIC TRUTH, an international investment platform has already been established in Ukraine, initiated by the American company Exon Capital Group and the Israeli law firm Abraham Lalum, which is already joined by potential and current international investors in Ukraine. “The volume of attracted foreign investments demonstrates the degree of integration of the country into the world economy and the level of development of its international relations. An important task for each state is to create the most favorable conditions for doing business, including ensuring the transparency of legislation, fair and impartial justice and the removal of bureaucratic barriers. Consolidation of state and business efforts is also an important condition, ”said a representative of the American investment company Exon Capital Group, which recently entered the Ukrainian construction market with several promising projects, one of which is the 50 Avenue multifunctional complex in Shuliavka, Kyiv. According to the representatives of Exon Capital Group, the multifunctional complex 50 Avenue is a completely innovative solution, which was developed according to European standards, in order to attract companies to Ukraine that value their employees and strive to create the best working conditions for them. When opening offices in other countries, such companies primarily care about the comfort and safety of their employees, and the multifunctional complex 50Avenue, with a well-designed infrastructure that will significantly improve the quality of life in this neighborhood, fully meets these requirements. “Investors are direct: they can adapt to any tax rate, but private capital never adapts when the state does not guarantee the protection of property rights, the rule of law and equality before the law,” explains Abraham Lalum. Despite the fact that Ukraine has slightly improved its position in the ranking of ease of doing business, the Ukrainian investment climate is not very attractive to foreign investors. The main reason for this is that formal legislative changes and law enforcement in Ukraine – “two big differences” – say investors who have already joined the international investment platform. They propose to use EU rules in favor of business – both foreign and Ukrainian.