5 useful blogs for entrepreneurs

If you are fluent in English, doing business, working on your own online project, and not afraid to discover new sources of knowledge, this 5-themed blog will be useful for you.

For Entrepreneurs
This blog is run by entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Sco. This is a blog to share recommendations and opinions about developing your own small and medium business in the startup and IT sector. Here you can find answers to questions about the development of your own project and a number of recommendations for those who are interested in issues of pricing, marketing, attracting investors.

Startup Lessons Learned
The blog of Eric Rice, author of Lean Startup methodology, Startup Lessons Learned, offers a whole host of advice to beginners and start-ups. Many interesting examples and life lessons, examples of both the projects he was involved in and the projects he has consulted.

This project is led by Andrew Warner. The Mixergy blog has come up with tips for startups on the non-standard side: Warner interviews interesting people who are wise to advise anyone in the business.

Steve Blank
The blog of the legendary man for the modern IT industry. Steve Blank doesn’t just give advice and give his opinion. The author is very subtle and sensible about not only online business but also about life in general (not all of his posts are about startups or business).

This Week in Startups
The blog is hosted by Mahalo CEO Jason Calcanis. This Week in Startups publishes a series of posts, reviews, and exciting trends related to the startup industry. Only this blog can be safely recommended to a wide range of Internet entrepreneurs.