How is branding going?

A brand is an image that resonates with the consumer. This image consists of everything that is familiar to the consumer and related to the product that is relevant to him. The brand is always at the heart of the product – it is its core. Therefore, you can say that the brand depends on what product you offer. When you buy a product, you often buy the promise made by the manufacturer along with the product, some kind of image that is embedded.


1. First, the manufacturer forms a trademark: develops a logo, a tune for advertising, draws posters or shoots commercials, prepares for the promotion of goods in the market and begins the process of promotion.

2. The consumer’s recognition of the product is then gradually formed. This is a long process that requires the product to be where it can be purchased and for the customer to be exposed to the promotion of the product.

3. Once the product is recognized, marketers create associative communication in the mind of the consumer. Here it is important to associate the image of the product with something really positive.

4. If all goes well, consumers will prefer your product. There are several ways to achieve this: by refining and enhancing your product by promoting it, motivating sellers in the stores where your product will be sold.

You can see that a brand can be not only a product. You can make a brand of anything: from a freelance specialist who offers his services, from a place, from a city, from the west…