Principles of guerrilla marketing

The concept of guerrilla marketing is based on the fact that marketing is any case where potential customers who reach the target audience are contacted. Jay Conrad Levinson, the founder of guerrilla marketing, outlines the following principles for guerrilla marketing.

The most important principle is to use techniques based on knowledge, creative imagination, energy, not the amount of money, or the size of the advertising budget. Guerrilla marketing is based on the knowledge of human psychology, not the knowledge of marketers.

The main efforts of marketers or business owners should be to maximize sales, not sales. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the product or service, rather than expanding the range of offers.

Instead of focusing major efforts on finding new clients, more time and effort should be devoted to strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Guerrilla marketing does not welcome actions aimed at increasing competition and confrontation with competitors, but on the contrary, “guerrillas” in every way seek to use the opportunities of cooperation with other companies for the development of their business.

Guerrillas should aim to send their promotional messages to a narrow group of people. Good knowledge of the target audience is the basis here.