5 reasons why productivity decreases in summer

1. The environment has the strongest impact on productivity
Coach Elyin Schinke (Ellyn Schinke) believes that this also applies to the temperature of the air. Just remember how you get to work – in the morning there is already high humidity and you sweat in transport, and when you come to the cold from the air conditioner office, you are already tired.

The heat acts on many people as sleeping pills, which makes it difficult for you to concentrate on the morning meeting.

2. The problem in “summer mood”
At four o’clock there is a pleasant coolness, and you do not have any meetings or meetings today. You need to fill out one report, but it can safely wait another two days. A few letters are waiting for you in the mailbox, but there is nothing urgent. What will you do? If you have been working for a long time in the company, you can go out earlier. Or you will flip through social networks until the boss arrives. In the end, such a good weather is not every day.

“A similar relaxed summer atmosphere can lead to lower productivity,” says Wendi Weiner, a career adviser. – Because of the change in the attitude of people to life, they are more focused on self-development and self-care. Sunlight increases serotonin levels, which means happiness. At the same time, the effectiveness of analytical abilities decreases and in the end we are less willing to work. ”
3. We are waiting for “summer holidays”
Of course, people travel and have fun all year round, but most of us plan for maximum activity for the period from May to September. At this time your calendar is definitely clogged with an eagle – a wedding, trips to nature, and so on. Schink believes that we are counting time for rest as children who are eagerly awaiting summer holidays.

“When we get older, we’re waiting for the summer, because we want to enjoy the warmth,” she says. “Honestly, I think the problem is that in every one of us there is a child who is looking for a reason to get out of work for” summer holidays. ”
4. Lack of colleagues affects productivity
Everything is obvious here: the more people on vacation, the less progress your team does. It does not matter what vacation policy is in your company – in the summer, someone will be absent from the workplace. You will have to give each other time and time – this week you go to Europe, and then one of your colleagues will go on vacation.

“Even if you do not take your holidays yourself, someone from the team will definitely go,” says Schink. – And this can affect the performance of the entire team. ”
5. Sleep (and its lack) can also affect efficiency
When the street is cold and dark, it is unlikely that you want to stay at work and drink a bit. And what if your friend offers you to arrange a picnic in the warm summer evening park? In summer, the sun sits down later, so it’s natural that you want to enjoy it until the last minute after leaving the office.

According to Shink, in the summer months, you often want to stay late or drink more. All this leads to lack of sleep – and it is through it that you feel sleepy when you come to work in the morning.