Udovenko Aleksander: Creation of information space for labor migrants of Ukraine

Labor emigration began in 1877, when the first wave of Ukrainian settlers arrived from Transcarpathia to the United States, joined the miners’ staff of Pennsylvania. Most Ukrainian peasants, however, sought to obtain a land plot for agricultural cultivation – Homewood (a land plot that was provided from state land funds on preferential terms in the US and Canada to those who wanted to farm).

The mass emigration of the Western Ukrainian peasantry began in the 80’s. XIX century, and the largest size reached in the beginning of XX century.

At the end of the XIX century. The Ukrainian immigrant community of Canada was not much smaller than the number. The vast majority were Halych and Bukovina Ukrainians. They settled in desert places in western Canada, where they received homework. Having received their own economy, the neighbors on homestead built their homes, formed settlements with the church, school, post office. So there were Ukrainian villages. Like Ukrainian settlers in the United States, their fellow countrymen in Canada have also called one of their first villages Ukraine.

Taken from Wikipedia.

Nowadays, people communicate and share problems in social networks and seek solutions using search engines.
Now the goal is to create information space based on 2 sites:

Legal Aid for People Abroad (Developed)
 News and Life Abroad (Works)
 Inspection by employers (in development)
 Renting a home abroad (in development)
Now more than 200,000 people per month go to Zarobitchany and Emigrant resources.
Authors of the idea: Udovenko Alexander, Alexander Slepneva.