What to do if you do not fit into the terms or do not complete the task at all?

Came for the fulfillment of the responsible task and with a crack he failed? Sometimes. But it would be better to avoid this, of course.
Yes, of course, we are all human beings, and not only the one who does nothing is wrong. But sometimes our mistakes can cost a lot to the company, and we must remember this when we calculate our own forces. What to do when the project is already failing and there is no time for correction.

Keep calm
It’s hard to make your own mistakes with a cold head. But this is necessary. If you panic, it does not help resolve the problem. Therefore, first of all, calm down and think your head, not emotions. If you act sensibly and calmly, the trouble will be;)

Do not look for excuses
Of course, you should not blame for this. The terms were too unfair, the task was difficult, and a colleague who was supposed to help you, generally fell ill? Well, life is embarrassing. But this does not justify you.

If you have undertaken to perform a task, you must be responsible. And if something went wrong, you should not look for guilty ones.
And what to do? Conclusions Analyze why it was not what it was supposed to be. If you have been subcontracted, do not work with them next time. If you detained colleagues, in the future, better think, who can rely on, and who does not. In a word, do not tell the boss who you are a victim, but immediately come up with a proposal to avoid a similar situation.

Suggest an alternative
When you realized that the timing failed, quickly come up with a plan B. For example, you did not have time to make a large order for a large customer.

Tell the boss and immediately ask him how to correct the mistake: to give the customer a discount, make a shipment at their own expense, provide some bonus for the future.

In short, come to the management not with the problem, but with options for its solution.