What do I need to know and be able to create sites?

Getting familiar with IT technologies will be useful, as it will be easier for you to understand how well-organized sites management systems, it will be easier for you to focus on forums and in general it becomes an element of modern education.
Here is a list of knowledge (occupations) that are required when creating a site:

The designer (the site needs to be able to draw, for what it is necessary to be just … talented)
The installer (you need to know how to get the “picture” to translate into a clear browser language – (HTML), but the whole complexity is that potential visitors to the site use different browsers, which interpret differently the same code …)
Programmer (almost all modern sites belong to the “dynamic” class, that is, a script is being prepared, which will process callback to the server and interact with the user)
Manager (you must be able to communicate with the customer and do not forget that the customer site often has a vague idea of ​​the technology of creating websites)
Optimizer (a person who can “drive” visitors from search engines)
Tasks of this site: give beginners in the field of creating sites to quickly get a general idea of ​​the subject.
Site structure:

Very briefly about the design (rather, the communication of designers with customers).

HTML is the foundation of the foundation in a webdesign. Until you have a clear idea of ​​what tags are, which means page layout, how can you make life easier with cascading stylesheets (css), that is, while you are not learning how to create simple web pages, it makes no sense to move on to programming and communication with the client.
I hope that the lessons of creating web pages will help you make the first steps in this interesting and promising profession.

After mastering the HTML code you will be able to go to programming: creating interactive sites.

But first you can learn to program on JavaScript. If you have never programmed it, then this is the perfect way to try yourself in this area because it does not require the installation of special programs at an early stage.

Programming in PHP and working with databases.

You will need a tool to create webpages. These are programs that accelerate the process of creating pages. In general, at the initial stage it’s enough, and even useful, to work with a program that is virtually on every computer – notepad.exe – a notepad (the benefit is that you need to learn to work “consciously”, not with special program prompts , by at least a beginner webmaster). A huge number of programs have been created, I have chosen ColdFusion in my time and since then I have no regrets about the choice.
So, if you already have a hosting or you will start it, you will need software to download the created pages to the site from a special protocol. For example, FAR, Total Commander, Cute FTP …