Smoking is the perfect way to become a slave!

Good afternoon!

I want to tell why smoking is killing and why smoking is bad for your health? Why do you want to quit already, and do not leave this habit for later. We all know what constitutes more than 70 percent of water, but before then. Why do we have to smoke when we want to throw?
Everything is very simple – we return to primitivism and recall those reflexes that are passed from generation to generation, namely, the reflex when we were well with our mother – and we suckled the cycle, or your finger, the pacifier, and the capitalists – they just want to get used to you , on your reflexes, and on the habit of smoking. I turn to more than 70 percent of the water – our body is a sponge that can absorb everything into itself to a certain moment, and then when the excess of harmful substances exceeds the norm, our body begins to rebel and send disturbing bells to the brain. Spend a simple study in a flask with water pour resin – what do you see ?; That’s right – the water will be squeezed out and the resin will settle down, and now think of what happens to your body when you smoke ? – Is it almost always a smoker with an experience after smoking, I want to drink? Why do you ask? The answer is simple – the water is pushed out. How does smoking affect the blood vessels? The answer is obvious, when smoking blood vessels narrow, pressure increases, the heart begins to pump blood faster to cope with the pressure which can rise immediately to 20-30 marks, plus organs will not get nutrients in full, but now think how bad it affects the young an organism that grows up? Do you think that the mark in 18 years is just the same on the package? The effect of smoking on the human brain can be quite crazy, and you are turning into a slave of this habit, and when it’s still a herd reflex, then this is a great misfortune, because Ukraine has just such a tradition to go on a trip. Remember the person who smoked a long time ago – this is ideal for a biomass employer who brings money, and little questions about work, and also loses the ability to think over time.
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When I will be the director I will employ only those people who smoke because they are ideal slaves.
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